A New Life is the seventh chapter of My Inner Life. In this chapter, Jenna discovers that she’s pregnant.


The Chapter begins with Jenna watching Link in the Practice Yards teaching the members of his Legion and then beginning to feel ill. She moves to the garden where Princess Zelda joins her. Jenna explains that she feels ill and Princess Zelda takes her to the healer.

The healer lays Jenna down on a table and figures out that Jenna’s two months pregnant. Princess Zelda congratulates Jenna and leaves to tell King Zelda the news. The Healer then gives a lot of advice to Jenna and kicks her out. Jenna is then found by Lilly, who congratulates her, and then is found again by the King and Princess Zelda, who ask her when she’s going to tell Link. Jenna explains that she wants to tell him over dinner and the King decides that once the child is born, he’s going to invite all of Hyrule (again) to attend a naming ceremony.

Jenna gets dizzy and leaves for her home, where she bathes and gushes about how Link got her pregnant. Jenna then makes dinner for Link who arrives just as she places it on the table.
They talk for a while about Link’s day and Jenna worries that the King thinks that a war may be on the horizon. Link rebuffs this and Jenna automatically feels better. Jenna goes to tell Link that she’s pregnant when she’s interrupted by Lilly and Navi, who ask if she’s told him yet. Jenna spills the news and Link all but swings her around the room in happiness.

Jenna goes on to describe how her morning sickness made her ill in the morning and that the The Fairies took care of her while Link was away. Summer suddenly smashes into Hyrule and causes Lake Hylia to become a tourist destination for both the people living in Kakoriko Village and for Link and Jenna.

The chapter ends with Jenna explaining that she and Link want to expand their love for each other and that they found a monastery that preformed ‘Pagan Bonding Ceremonies’ and that they want one.