‘Back In Hyrule’ is the sixth chapter of My Inner Life. It follows Link and Jenna as they go from the Castle to Kokiri Village and finally their new home.


The chapter begins with King Zelda asking Link and Jenna how their honeymoon was, and Link grossly winking his reply. After this exchange, Princess Zelda tells the couple that The Great Deku Tree has summoned them that morning and the King automatically arranges horses for them to travel.

They ride to Kokiri Forest and are greeted by Saria before they even get in. She reiterates the summons and they enter the village. The go to the Great Deku Tree who awakes from his slumber and proceeds to murder the English language as he explains that he has decided to give both Link and Jenna a fairy for protection. Link reunites with Navi and Jenna is given a fairy named Lilly.The Great Deku tree also tells them to return once they have had their first child and then alludes to the possibility of Gannon returning.

Link, Jenna and the two fairies head back to the village and inform Saria of the good news.
Mido interrupts, whinging about how they are allowed to have fairies, and gets shut down by Saria unceremoniously.

The group (Link, Jenna, Navi, Lilly) leave Kokiri Village and head through the Lost Woods to the house built by Link before their wedding. Jenna is absolutely amazed by it and spends the rest of the chapter describing its interior.