Dalamar is the 'hugh', white, wounded Griffin that Link and Jenna happened upon while relaxing at Lake Hylia. He is often seen as the most tolerable and sympathetic character in the fanfic due to the slightly (and surprisingly) sardonic tone of his characterization. He is High Lord of the Griffin council and, at the time of his introduction, is suffering from a wound he got while spying on a Draconian encampment.

Role Edit

As mentioned previously, Dalamar is introduced to the Silverblade's thanks to an injury that was preventing him from being able to fly away. Their collective sympathetic and selfless natures are gratuitously highlighted on as they help Dalamar to the castle because, naturally, Princess Zelda is the only other character in the story with even a smidgen of a clue.

His wounds are quickly tended to and then he sits down to tea with Zelda and the Silverblade's and regales them with some exposition about the tumultous history between the Griffins and Draconians. Link is volunteered by Zelda to see Dalamar safely home (an assignment that Jenna insists upon taking part in, despite being six months pregnant) though, ironically enough, Dalamar does more to protect Link and Jenna than they do to protect him and a lot of the trouble they end up getting into wouldn't have happened if Dalamar was on his lonesome.

From the time they reach the Griffin metropolis to the time they leave, Dalamar doesn't have much more interaction with them which is very likely intentional on his part. He does, however, scold some guards for acting exactly as the Griffins had been characterized to that point (distrustful of humans, namely Link and Jenna).


As mentioned previously, Dalamar is a 'fan' favorite character due to his slight sarcasm and the fact that he is the least tolerant of Jenna and Link. Though it was most assuredly not intentional on the author's part, there is enough of a basis to interpret Dalamar as holding a private, barely containable and strong dislike for the Silverblade's. He is often snapping at them and trying to get them to move quicker on their journey.

Apart from this, he is genuinely likable for having one of the most defined personalities in the fanfiction, even more so than the canon characters.


  • "Listen hero, you don't understand these Dark Knights like I do." "My people have been fighting them for centuries, and trust me, they're more ruthless then you think they are."
  • "Keep those horses quiet, the dragons will hear them!" Dalamar growled.