Jenna's Dead parents (Mr. and Mrs. Silverblade)


Older than thier daughter








Jenna Silverblade - Daugther

Link - Son in law

Role Edit

Jenna has two dead parents who are only known as Mother and Father. They were farmers in the village Jenna was raised in and grew the best crops ever since they are Silverlite like their daughter. They died before she turned 14. They also told her stories about the Griffins.

Jenna's Mother Edit

Jenna's mother had the elemental power of water and would sing to the sky during a drought to make it rain. This fan shall dub her Ariana Smith.

Jenna's Father Edit

Jenna's Father had the elemental power of earth and would use that power to help with his farm work. His crops were the best in the village. His name is now Billy Smith cause I can.

Quotes Edit

"Well I remember when we would have dry spells on the farm where I'm from, my mother would sing to the sky and it would rain." "I also remember that my father was always good with the earth." "Our farm always was prosperous, the crops my father grew were always the best in our village."

I have always remembered stories being told me by my parents about a noble race of creatures called Griffins.