Princess Zelda is, despite being the namesake character of the game My Inner Life is based on, a secondary character in the fanfiction. She is a close friend of The Silverblade's, as well as their occasional babysitter and assistant midwife. She is supposedly the princess, though her royal status and everything else that gave her strength in the canon is notably watered down, likely done so as not to compete with Jenna.

Princess Zelda


Late 20's




Placeholder Princess (for Link and Jenna's suggested assumption to the throne for no valid reason)



Role Edit

Because Zelda is willing to bestow gifts/drop everything she is doing at a moment's notice for Jenna, she is seen as a sympathetic character. She is often sought out for help and wisdom by The Silverblades, which is one of the only character traits kept remotely consistent from the canon (Zelda being able to walk away from her duties for them whenever they ask for her, however, is not). She doesn't do much else outside occasionally babysitting Link Jr. and helping with Jenna's frequent baby deliveries.

Relationship with JennaEdit

Zelda and Jenna are characterized as being, under no uncertain terms, as good as sisters. The narrative and author claim they are the closest of friends, even though King Zelda not only considers Jenna a daughter, but obviously prefers her over Zelda. For Zelda to get upset over this, of course, would mean that she was evil so, naturally, she does not even seem to notice. It is mentioned in passing that Zelda very likely plans to hand over Hyrule's crown to The Silverblades because it would likely be 'too much for her' to rule on her own.

Characterization: Canon vs. FanficEdit

While the characterization of Princess Zelda can vary between games, the thing that stays fairly consistent is her strength as a leader and her dedication to her people and kingdom. In canon, she is usually very capable (the occasional exceptions in Ocarina of Time notwithstanding) and the most powerful of all the sages.

In My Inner Life, Princess Zelda is primarily dedicated to catering to Jenna's whims and being a prestigious best friend/adoptive sister for her to have. She is described as being "almost as powerful as Raru", despite being clearly more powerful than him in the canon. She is apparently concerned that ruling Hyrule as Queen will be too much for her delicate sensibilities, which is very different from the canon Zelda who has served as Hyrule's matriarch against several strong enemies a number of times- likely, this was just a flimsy explanation the author thought up in order to get Link and Jenna on the throne.

The only real resemblance canon and fanfiction versions have is Zelda's wisdom and knowledge. She serves as a fountain of both for Link and Jenna.


  • "Dark Link…..control over the elements…..Jenna's body on fire!?" "What the hell…….?"
  • "You truly have a very special wife Link." "A possible descended of the great Silverlites."