The Prologue of the story is, quite possibly, the most frightening example of a mind's deterioration and really gives good insight into the struggle Link's Queen had with reality versus fiction.

She explains things she has mentioned before, such as the lucid dreaming and her fascination with Link, but she somehow manages to write it this time in a much more maniacal way. She defends her obsession with a fictional character fiercely, insisting that she is no different from anyone else. She insists that Link has helped her and been there for her when no one else has, hinting to the possibility that LQ may have been suffering from a psychosis.

Infamy Edit

There are several factors that have made My Inner Life as infamous as it is today and the fact that the author seems to believe that this is all real on some plane of existence is definitely one of them. While most Mary Sues are written for recreation, a momentary escape, and simple wish fulfillment, My Inner Life was written with the intention of being recorded history rather than acknowledged fantasies.