Ruto is princess of the Zoras, the water sage and Link's former fiancee. Despite the probable, compelling drama this latter fact could cause, Ruto doesn't hesitate to throw in the towel very early on in the story so any all danger against Jenna and Link's relationship is successfully thwarted.


The author makes a point of having Ruto establish her innocence and promise not to pursue Link or undermine his relationship with Jenna early on in the story. She even goes so far as to make a honeymoon dinner for the two of them and leave a note behind explaining how she holds no ill-will for the fact that she did not get to marry the person she was engaged to and, rather, that he married someone else entirely.

One might think that would be the end of her presence in the story, but she appears again later on, showing up at The Silverblade's front door in the middle of a heavy snow storm after having been accosted by Dark Link in the Water Temple. Why she chose to go all the way across Hyrule to Link and Jenna's house instead of just going home to Zora's Domain (which is, literally, right next door to the Water Temple) remains a mystery, though it probably has something to do with her possible obsession with them (note that in another short story written by the same author, Ruto would frequently watch and spy on Jenna and Link's family from a clump of bushes).

She is naturally present at the Blessing Ceremony too and bestows the gift of love upon Link Jr.


  • "Link was supposed to marry me, but I was blind to his happiness. As I watched him with you I saw how happy he had become. Now I realize what I had done was wrong. I could not hold Link to something he would not be happy with."