Saria is a Kokiri and the appointed forest sage. She is very close friends with Link and, by extension, Jenna. She, like any other sympathetic character, defends Link and Jenna's unfair, inexplicable privilege.

Role Edit

Saria first appears when Link and Jenna go on their first date to The Spring Festival which, apparently, was an exclusively Kokiri party until the two of them crashed it. Naturally, Saria doesn't mind at all that Link has brought a strange, grown woman into the forest without any kind of warning. She seems to also take note of the fact that Jenna wants to bang Link and makes a point of playing matchmaker during the festival (even though it is hardly necessary) much to Jenna's delight. Later, when Link and Jenna receive Kokiri fairies and Mido complains about it, Saria tells him to shut up and accept that Link and Jenna get everything...just because. At the blessing ceremony, Saria bestows the gift of 'friendship' upon Link Jr.