The following are locations mentioned in the story. Most areas in the story are actually located within Ocarina of Time‘s Incarnation of Hyrule, although Link’s Queen has made up quite a few of her own.

World according to jenna

A Map of the World of Gaia

Canon LocationsEdit

These locations are actually from Ocarina of Time but have been modified by Link's Queen to fit the narrative.

Castle TownEdit

Castle Town hasn't been altered in appearance, but has become the central point of ceremonies and celebrations and perhaps grown in size.

Kokiri Forest

The Kokiri Forest remain mostly unchanged, except for the introduction of the Spring Festival. Although this change seems to cover the entirety of Hyrule, we only see it celebrated here.

Lost Woods

The Lost Woods is altered to include a home built by Link Silverblade for him and his wife Jenna to live in after their marriage, which is quite sizable.

Gerudo Valley

Gerudo Valley is barely mentioned except for being the passage between the rest of Hyrule and the lands outside of it, such as the Black Desert and the Barren Sea.

Lake Hylia

Lake Hylia appears to have become a frequent tourist destination despite its distance from castle town and Kakariko village.

Water Temple

The Water Temple doesn't change too much, but it is hard to place where Jenna and Link are due to the description of their location being left at ‘lighted room’ or ‘strange room’. The only described area is the illusory room, which doesn’t seem to revert back to normal after Jenna single-handily obliterates Dark Link.

Additional LocationsEdit

These locations were created by Link's Queen.


Gaia Is the name of the planet that the Kingdom of Hyrule and all areas mentioned within the story exist (expert perhaps the Shadow Realm and the Sacred Realm)

Ariakas’ Territory

Ariakas’ Territory falls west of the Black Desert. It is not mentioned what resides here, apart from it being a part of the Dark Lord Ariakas' Domain. May or may not be the Poisoned Lands; may or may not be a part of the Shadow Realm

Barren Sea

The Barren Sea is the largest ocean on Gaia and is a day’s ride north from the Kingdom of Hyrule.It is said to be treacherous due to dangerous weather conditions, consent maelstroms, and the presence of a Large, unidentified Sea Creature that is known to attack passing ships.
Some people claim that no one is able to cross the barren sea and return alive, although the Griffin merchant Tanis has found some way to cross the dangerous waters to purchase goods and wares.

Black Desert

The Black Desert is a black sanded, arid desert with a history of causing travelers become lost, suffer from heat exhaustion while crossing, and possibly their death. It lies west of the Gerudo Desert and east of Ariakas' Territory.

Black Mountains

The Black Mountains is a mountain range that is home to the Griffin, and it contains rich minerals that somehow cause the mountains surface to be colored black. The Black Mountains are north of Hyrule and Dragonmount. The area apparently smells of Sulfur or has large enough amounts of Sulfur to consider noteworthy. The Black Mountains and their winged inhabitants were attacked during a conquest by the Dark Lord Ariakas but the siege was successfully fought off.

Bonding Monastery

The Bonding Monastery is a Pagan Monastery run by Monks who can perform the Bonding Ritual that Link and Jenna had performed on them during The Bonding(4). It is located somewhere outside the Gerudo Desert.

Death Canyon

Mentioned once by Dalamar in 'A New Friend'. Said to be West of Hyrule, near Lake Hylia.


Dragonmount is a ‘dragon shaped’ rock formation near the black mountains that was allegedly sculpted to mark the end of what was once a group of Dragons’ territory, who lived in the area between the base of the Black Mountains to Dragonmount. It Is said that the formation was ‘unearthed’ after the Dragons were forced to relocate by the Griffins to the ‘Poison Land’ and that the formation was a symbol of anger towards the Griffins.

Great Lebian Coast

The Lebian Coast is where our protagonist, Jenna Silverblade, originates from. Future chapters of the story were to take place there, but the author abandoned the story before they were written.

Griffin City Edit

Where the griffin's live. It is in the black mountains and you enter a cave to get there. The buildings are pearl white and the roads are marble white. There is a busy market place near the entrance cave that has silk shops. In the center of the city is the tower of the Griffin council (also known as the tower of elders), it is also white. Somewhere in the town is an inn called the Griffins Vineyard. You won't believe what the building color is! The price for a room and food in the Griffins Vineyard is 3 red rupees.

The Mystical Rainforest

The Mystical Rainforest is forest south of Hyrule deemed magical as it only appears in the light of the full moon and is constantly changing shape. It is the home of the Unipegs, who apparently answer prayers. People are warned not to enter the Mystical Rainforest unless they are a magic user as the forest is hard for non-magic users to traverse, for they may get lost due to the forest’s ever changing environment and die.

Silverblade House

The Home of Link and Jenna Silverblade, as well as their children Link Jr and their second unborn child. The house was built by Link for Jenna as a wedding gift. The land surrounding the house holds a stable, animal pens, a pasture for cows and horses and a well with a farm added later. The first floor has living quaters with a fireplace, a large kitchen and dining room, and a spiral staircase leading up to the second floor that contains 5 bedrooms.


Skyile 'The Great City of Light' was mentioned only once in The Beginning by Jenna when she spoke to the King about an unidentified amount of cloth she bought from Skyile, a past stop along her Merchant Route.

Snake River

Snake River is a large river located at the border of Black Desert that leads to Dragonmount and the Black Mountains. The river is dangerous due to dangerous water conditions such as rapids. It is notoriously hard to cross, leaving few alive.

Tar Vera

Tar Vera is a City that is only mentioned once during The Beginning as the next location on Jenna's Merchant Route.

The Kingdom of Avalon

Was one of the Two Kingdoms that began the Great War.

The Kingdom of Kalence

Was one of Two Kingdoms that began the Great War.

The Shadow Realm

The Shadow Realm is said to be where the Dark Lord Ariakas lives and operates from.

The Poisoned Lands

The Poisoned Lands was the location that the Dragons were forced to relocate to after the Griffins forced them from their home. May or may not be a part of Ariakas’ Territory or The Shadow Realm.