The Beginning is the name of the first 'chapter' of My Inner Life. In it, we see Link and Jenna meet one another, go on their first date and get engaged, all within the span of a few months.


The beginning commences with some exposition as to who Jenna is (a traveling merchant from The Great Lebian Coast) and how the canon of OOT ties in with the fanfiction. From the way LQ tries to justify all of this just so Link is old enough for her persona to marry and bed, it is clear that she did not quite understand how this worked in the game's narrative. To be concise, Link is still an adult and everyone else in Hyrule is a couple of years older than they should be.

In any case, Jenna is on her way to Hyrule market, making a note to herself to finally meet the man who saved Hyrule. We get our first glimpse into Jenna's relationship with the Royal Family (mentioning that she is as good as part of them), as she is greeted by Zelda the moment she arrives and ushered onward to go talk to the King, who has been anxiously awaiting her arrival.

As she and Zelda move through the courtyard, she is greeted by a palace guard named Perrino and then Impa. Finally, Link comes into the picture and it's as if time stops entirely. Jenna freezes and gushes over him while their first introduction consists of him making a pass at her, kissing her hand and asking her out on a date. She accepts before King Zelda appears to greet her.

The scene then transitions to Jenna taking a bath in her wagon and preparing for her and Link's date to the Spring Night Festival in the Kokiri village. She describes the attire she chooses and how she does her hair at length and then Link arrives and takes her with him.

At the Kokiri village, Jenna meets Saria, Mido and the other Kokiri. Saria, who recognizes that Jenna has her eye on Link, tries various tactics to push them together in the course of their being there. There is much feasting and merriment and not much else besides.

About a month later, Jenna and Link sleep together for the first time in an extensive, erotic scene, and then Link proposes to Jenna just before she has to leave for Tar Vera. Jenna accepts.