The Fifth Chapter of My Inner Life follows Link and Jenna as they go about their Honeymoon.


The chapter starts as Link and Jenna arrive at the Summer Cabin that King Zelda has allowed them to stay at for the duration of their Honeymoon at a location only described as ‘The Great Coast’.

When they enter the cabin, they find a full meal set out for them and Jenna comes across a letter left by Princess Ruto, who is said to have left the reception early.

The letter from Ruto describes her realizing how happy Jenna has made Link(who was one-sidely betrothed to Ruto previously) and wishes for them to be happy together, and for them to visit her after they have their first child.
Emotionally moved by Ruto’s letter, Jenna cries but covers it up when Link asks if she’s okay.

The pair sit down for the dinner that Ruto made them and their conversation is glossed over.
The entire next page of the story consists of an explicit sex scene and an abuse of ellipses.

The next morning, Link makes breakfast and then the pair go horseback riding on Epona before reaching a small alcove at a beach and spending the day playing in the water and acting like children.

They return home to have another explicit sex scene and the rest of their honeymoon is summarized in two sentences.