The Miracle is the eleventh chapter of My Inner Life where Jenna gives birth to her first child, Link Jr.


Jenna opens the chapter by telling the reader about how hard her last few days have been due to her pregnancy. She complains of dizziness, nausea and false labor pains. Jenna then claims that she feels helpless due to the pain that she is in, as it forces Link to aid her by cooking food and helping her bathe.

It then snaps to the middle of the night and Jenna wakes as she is going in to labor. She wakes Link, who tells her to go back to sleep before realising what is happening and jumping out of bed and calls for their Fairies to fly to Hyrule Castle and fetch Princess Zelda and the Healer. Jenna then glosses over the labor and claims that she ‘tried to hold the baby back’ while waiting for the healer and Princess Zelda to arrive. Then her water breaks, and she yells to Link that she cannot ‘hold the baby back any longer’ before hearing a horse ‘plod’ up to the front of the house.

Princess Zelda and the Healer arrive and the Healer orders Princess Zelda around to gather blankets and pillows while Link, who has been doing sweet F A decides to start holding Jenna’s hand. The Healer tries to walk Jenna through her contractions while asking Princess Zelda if she sees the baby’s head. The Princess says no, and Jenna curses Link for getting her pregnant. The Princess then cries out that the baby’s head is the wrong way.

Jenna freaks out and thinks her baby’s going to die but the healer tells Princess Zelda to turn the baby’s head (while it is still inside Jenna) and the Princess manages to do so. So after breaking the baby’s neck, Jenna finishes giving birth and the baby cries bloody murder while Princess Zelda informs them that it is in fact, a boy. Jenna holds the baby and claims it looks just like Link before calling it a miracle and telling Link that he can name him. Not realising the mistake she has made, Link names their son Link Jr.

The chapter ends with Jenna welcoming Link Jr. into the world and saying that he is the most beautiful gift Link has ever given her.