The Reunion is the tenth chapter of My Inner Life. It shows Link returning from the war and receiving an award for his service.


The chapter begins with Jenna telling the reader that some time has passed since Link left with his legion to help the allied Kingdom and that he keeps in touch by sending her letters by carrier pigeon. One such letter told her that there was talk of a peace treaty. Four or five months after Link has left, he sends another letter saying that the peace treaty has passed and that he is going to return.

Jenna celebrates by crying and tells Navi and Lilly the good news. She then tells the reader about how the fairies helped her during Links absence, ‘Even on the days when I got emotional from missing Link’.

Jenna explains that the week that Link and the rest of the soldiers sent were due to return, She and Princess Zelda prepared a ‘welcome home’ celebration for ‘everyone in Hyrule’ to attend.
When the day comes, Jenna waits in the crowded Castle Town market place, watching the knights walk by and waiting for Link to arrive. Link telepathically tells her that he will be there soon and she spots him moments later leading his legion through the crowd.

King Zelda presents Link with an award of the highest honour; The Triforce of Valour, and allows Jenna to come on stage and join them. The crowd cheers for Link and Jenna and the couple reunite. Jenna goes on how much she missed him and that baby will be born soon.

Jenna notices that the King is smiling and she says that he was happy that they are happy together. Jenna then claims that if Princess Zelda does not wed or wish to take the throne, Jenna and Link are the next in line. Jenna explains that this is so because the King thinks of her as a daughter, despite that not being how the progression would work at all.

When they return home, the kokiri and their fairies Navi and Lilly greet them. Saria gets their attention and asks about Link’s award. Link explains that it’s the Triforce of Valor and the kokiri are amazed by it; Saria gushes to Jenna about how proud Jenna must be of him.

A small feast is held and glossed over so that Link and Jenna can swim in their ‘special little pond’ that hasn’t been mentioned at all until now. They swim for a while and then have sex in the water. The chapter ends on Jenna remarking that now that Link is home, her dreams have come true.