The Sages of Hyrule consist of Princess Zelda, Impa, Ruto, Rauru, "Daurina", Nabooru and Saria. Each sage is responsible for some element or aspect of Hyrule's existence, however, in My Inner Life they exist primarily to serve Link and Jenna, just like any of the other sympathetic characters.

Impa of The Shiekahs Edit

Impa is Zelda's caretaker, leader of the Sheikah people, head of the Royal Guard, and the Sage of Shadow. In canon, she is a strong and stoic woman who does not have time for lollygagging. In the fic, however, she is endlessly fascinated and delighted to hear about Jenna's travels and her thwarting of thieves...though her response to this sounds suspiciously patronizing, like something one might say to a child's report of an accomplishment to pacify them.

She does not have much involvement or a presence in the story outside of occasionally helping Zelda babysit Link Jr. and bestowing the gift of wisdom upon him at the Blessing Ceremony. She also gives Jenna some kind of gaudy choker at her wedding and tells her it will look beautiful on her.

"Daurina" of The GoronsEdit

"Daurina" (probably based on the character Darunia from OOT) is the leader of the Gorons and the Sage of Fire. In canon, he is Link's best friend and honorary Goron-brother and this somewhat manifests itself in the fic when he serves as Link's best man at his wedding. However, due to the fact that Link can never really escape Jenna's presence, there is no mention of the two spending any kind of time together as friends apart from that.

"Daurina" was present at the Blessing Ceremony and bestowed the gift of power upon Link Jr.

Nabooru of The GerudosEdit

One of the lesser-mentioned characters in the story, Nabooru is the leader of the Gerudos and Sage of Spirit and appears once at the wedding and then again at the Blessing Ceremony where she remarks on the fact that Link Jr. "truly" looks like his father. She bestows the gift of compassion.


Rauru is the Sage of Light as well as animagus/shape-shifter (though there is no mention of his alternate identity, Kaepora Gaebora the owl, in My Inner Life). While in OOT canon, Zelda is most certainly more powerful than he or any of the Sages, Jenna specifically characterizes her as "almost as powerful as Rauru" which is likely some of the author's misogynistic subtext coming through.

Rauru was present at the wedding, as were all the Sages, and he appeared in the Blessing Ceremony wherein he bestowed the gift of courage on Link Jr.