The Separation is the ninth Chapter of My Inner Life. This chapter is the first time we see any sort of real conflict with Link being told that he is getting sent to a distant land lead his legion in a war. The chapter focuses on Jenna and her coming to terms with news of Link's departure.


Jenna is visiting Princess Zelda one day when they are told that a war has started in one of the Kingdoms allied lands and that the King has decided to send military aid with Link’s Legions as  one of the many being sent along. Jenna is shocked by this news and worries that Link will miss the birth of their first child. Princess Zelda tells her that if she were to give birth, they would ship Link home as soon as possible.

Jenna is worried; not for the lives of the people involved in the war, but for herself. She wonders if the separation will ‘stress her out’. When Link delivers the news of his departure, Jenna bawls in to his chest and screams "I do not want our baby to grow up without a father!”.
Link then tells her to calm down because he’s the Hero of Time and that he's strong enough to have defeated Gannondorf and promises to return to her.

During this emotionally stirring scene, Navi shows up asking where Lilly is and upon realising that Jenna is crying, asks if she’s okay. Jenna explains to Navi that Link is being sent away and Navi reiterates that he’s the Hero of fucking Time and has gone through worse.

Jenna then remarks to herself how sexy Link is and states that "Love will guide him back home to me…And that is all I need to remember", ending the chapter.