One of the shorter chapters of the story, ‘The Wedding’ is the fourth chapter of My Inner Life. In it we witness the marriage of Link and Jenna Silverblade.


The chapter starts off with Jenna already being prepped for her wedding. Princess Zelda and Impa fawn over her; styling her hair and giving her valued items of jewellery that are hardly mentioned again after this chapter.

When the wedding does begin, we see that the entirety of Hyrule was forced to show up for an event in Jenna’s life (not for the last time) with Princess Zelda as Jenna’s maid of Honour and Daurina as Link's Best Man. The marriage plays out in a very westernised fashion, with an officiant present who weds them in a ceremony that would not likely occur in the actual Zelda Universe.

After the kiss and subsequent flower toss, everyone heads to the reception hall to celebrate further. Link pops the champagne and they smash cake on each other’s faces before boogying on down to the sweet tunes of nondescript music. Shortly after, the wedding song is sung by Malon, in her only appearance within the story.

There is a lot of gooey romance for 3 paragraphs and then as they leave for their honeymoon on the back of Epona (who bears a sign marked ‘Just Married’ in another unlikely tradition), Princess Zelda gives them the Ocarina of Time, claiming that the instrument will be safer with them than with her.

It is not seen again.